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On the one hand infrared heating systems can be controled just as conventional heating systems with a control center or room by room with permanently installed room thermostats. The big difference is that the possibility also exists to control the infrared heaters either with socket thermostats or by radio thermostats individually.

The Infrared heater is plugged into the thermostat, which in turn is plugged into the socket.

A radio thermostat set consists of room thermostat and receiver. Here the receiver (sensor) is plugged into the socket and the infrared heater is plugged into the receiver. The thermostat itself can be used in mobile use, as also be installed fixed in space.

The following is an overview of the possible options.

Socket Thermostat

The outlet on our thermostats are programmable. For all the devices you need only one socket in the room. The Thermo-Timer features a temperature sensor which is located on a 1m long cable. Thus, the thermostat can be placed behind furniture or in corners of the room into a wall outlet. The sensor, in turn, is positioned so that it can measure the actual room temperature well (at a distance from walls or cold objects). The TS10 has a built in temperature sensor.

Thermostat on plaster

The control is done for all infrared heaters centrally via a thermostat which is mounted on plaster. Here, the electrician must wire above plaster to extend the cable of the infrared heaters. The infrared heaters are then connected to a common line, which in turn ends at the thermostat. This controls all infrared heaters that are connected to this thermostat together. To hide the cable the installation of cable channels is an option.

Thermostat for concealed installation

All infrared heaters connected to the thermostat are controlled centrally via a room thermostat – In this case – as in the assembly on plaster. Here the electrician must wire concealed. This variant is particularly appropriate for new buildings or renovations, or alterations. The big advantage is that no cables are necessary.

TIP: In this case, place all infrared heaters on a closed circuit. This should end at a separate counter. This gives you the opportunity to apply for the significantly lower heat electricity.

Wireless Thermostat

In this variant, you can adjust the infrared heaters by means of a wireless thermostat. The receiver is plugged into an outlet, which in turn the infrared heater is plugged in. Most wireless thermostats are programmable. High-quality devices can be even controlled by mobile phone. This variant is an excellent solution especially for holiday and weekend houses.

If you have further questions about thermostats please contact us by phone, email or in person.

PT712 is a digital thermostat with a spatial sensor designed specifically for controlling infrared heaters and electrical floor heating (heating cables, mats, films). The thermostat can be extended with an external sensor for control of floor temperature.The advantages2-week program with 6 temperatu..
Ex Tax:49.91€
Wireless room thermostat (digital) BT710
The wireless thermostat BT710 is digital, battery-operated and can communicate with up to 9 wireless receivers (BT001, BT002 and BT003).Up to 7 weekly programs with 6 temperature changes per day can be set.The BT710 has a digital display with green background lighting and has the AUTO / MANU / OFF /..
Ex Tax:37.41€
Wireless receiver BT001
The wireless receiver BT001 switches the connected device according to the information received from the transmitting unit (BT010 or BT710)...
Ex Tax:45.75€
Wireless receiver - wall BT002
The wireless receiver - wall BT002 switches the connected device according to the information received from the transmitting unit (BT010 or BT710)...
Ex Tax:45.75€
The Eaton switch actuator flush-mounted 16A / integr. Binary input + energy measurement function is compatible with the Smart Home Controller and the Touch room controller...
Ex Tax:122.47€
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